ARTSzheimer’s Founding Supporters

Founding Benefactor

Frederick M. Nicholas, Former Chairman of the Board, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Founding Supporters

Marla Acton
Angela Attal
Jody Bangert
Vidura Barrios
Margaret Bendet
Wendy Biro-Pollard
Ann Bost
Evy Cambridge
Veronica Chevalier
B. Michael Dann
Jonell Dann
Deborah DeWitt
Kathleen Erickson
Terry Ermini

Janna Harris
Susan Hendricks
Brian Herman
Joanne Herman
Robert Herman
Cathy Herzog
Tom & Cathy Hill
Hugh & Jane Johnson
Wendy Kout
Kerry LaRosa
Bette Lawrence-Water
Lori Lieberman
Jose Mestre
Linda Mikkelsen
Susan Murphy
Faye H. Nave

Susan & Jerry Ogami-Van Camp
Wendy Palmer
Stephen Pappas
Robin & Dan Pelter
Marce Raether
Thane Roberts
Joy Rodino
Amrita Brenda Samara
Janice Shapiro
David Shaw
Osnat Shurer
Gina Truex
Jackie Weintraub
Lili Wexu

Ray & Wyn Evans Foundation

Contact: 917-575-5387

Art collectors:  Help find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.  A study conducted by Dr. Dale Bredesen, noted neurologist at UCLA, has reversed memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease for the first time EVER.  This ARTSzheimer’s Project is supporting his Alzheimer’s cure research.

You can read about the research.  Click here.

How does this fundraiser for Alzheimer’s work?  Art collectors donate a piece of art.  We put it up for auction. The money will fund a larger trial to help both Alzheimers prevention and cure.